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Rusty Tagliareni is a writer and photographer who has spent years traveling the country documenting forlorn locations throughout the United States. His deep passion for history and preservation has generated alliances with many historic societies and preservation organizations. With numerous publications to his credit, Mr. Tagliareni utilizes dynamic imagery and prose to generate public awareness for historical preservation in a viewer base which may else-wise not be engaged by such topics. Over the past year he, and his partner Christina Mathews, have been producing a documentary film titled 'Greystone's Last Stand'. Aligning with the organization Preserve Greystone, the scheduled updates from the film's production were used to bring the preservation efforts at the abandoned Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital to a national stage. In the fall of 2015 he co-authored his second book with Christina Mathews. Titled 'Antiquity Echoes', and published by Skyhorse Publishing, it's 300+ pages feature neglected locations of historic and cultural significance from throughout the country. In 2016 Rusty and Christina's will be authoring a book for Arcadia's Images of America Series. Titled 'Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital', the image-heavy book will tell the story of Greystone Park, from its creation, to abandonment, to its eventual demolition. Special attention will be paid to the preservation efforts made to save the old asylum, the controversy surrounding its demolition, and the spark it generated across the country which made communities with similar disused structures take notice.

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