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Leslee Fritz


Leslee Fritz has over 25 years of hotel and convention sales management and chamber of commerce experience. But she will tell you, if she could do anything for a “job” where an income didn’t matter, Leslee would save historic asylums, specifically Kirkbride buildings. Leslee’s passion for Kirkbrides began in Traverse City with the former Traverse City State Hospital, now the Village at Grand Traverse Commons. Driving through the campus just as the Minervini Group had started the redevelopment, stories from childhood and the “looney bin” were recalled and a love was kindled. Following that first all-nighter of scouring the internet for anything about the old hospital, Leslee’s passion has continued until now. Focusing on the reuse of the buildings, Leslee’s interest are on the goals of developers for the purposeful demonstration of economic impact these projects have on the communities in which they are located. She is a member of the original team that developed the framework for the organization during her initial introduction to PreservationWorks at the inaugural conference in Traverse City in 2015.

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