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Christian VanAntwerpen

President / Founder

In April 2015, Christian organized the PreservationWorks National Historic Asylum Preservation Conference, which was the first gathering of multiple Kirkbride preservationists on a national scale. Through this conference the PreservationWorks non-profit organization was formed. Christian maintains the organization as President, but has also lead two major projects for the preservation of Kirkbride plan asylums. “These Places Matter- Rallies for Greystone” was a national rally in July 2015 that unified local preservation organizations on a national scale by using social media to create a viral marketing campaign for the preservation of Greystone. His second project, titled “Project Kirkbride”, was a massive undertaking to lead 25 hand picked photographers into the Fergus Falls Kirkbride to document every square inch of the building. Within 3 hours, his team captured over 6500 images which were then organized and placed on a website for public viewing. Christian also runs a professional photography business out of Muskegon, MI with a focus primarily on Asylums and abandoned locations in Gary, Indiana and Detroit, MI. Christian is driven to bring social awareness and understanding of history to the public through his photography of the beauty and ruin of abandoned structures.  His images can be seen at http://christianvanantwerpen.com/

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