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Christian’s Report

PreservationWorks recently hosted a benefit tour at the Village at Grand Traverse Commons. Guided by Christian, Vincent, Shawn and Quenton of PreservationWorks , over 30 attendees were guided through the unfinished historic patient cottages as well as the original steam tunnels on the grounds of the former asylum. Almost $3,000 was raised from this tour to help PreservationWorks continue saving Kirkbride structures. The tour was also the kick off to the brand new photography tours at the former Traverse City State Hospital.  Christian VanAntwerpen, president of PreservationWorks worked with the Minervini Group to design the Benefits tour, and also led the inaugural Tripod Tour the following day.  PreservationWorks also worked with the Village at Grand Traverse Commons to establish a Facebook community for those who attended the photography tours or wished to attend future photography tours. This Facebook group is a way for photographers to share photos and stories, as well as promote future photography tours at the former asylum.