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Daily Archives: February 3, 2017

Christian’s Report

PreservationWorks recently hosted a benefit tour at the Village at Grand Traverse Commons. Guided by Christian, Vincent, Shawn and Quenton of PreservationWorks , over 30 attendees were guided through the unfinished historic patient cottages as well as the original steam tunnels on the grounds of the former asylum. Almost $3,000 was raised from this tour to

Visit to Oregon State Hospital, Part 2: The Cremains Memorial

[Part 2 of 2: posted to FB July 25, 2016]   Prior to visiting OSH, I conveyed to preservationist Hazel Patton my eagerness to visit their Cremains Memorial, dedicated in 2014.   My keen interest in the memorial stemmed from PreservationWorks’ ongoing efforts (via our statellite group, PW: Greystone Park Memorial Group) to collaborate with

New Friends at Oregon State Hospital: Part 1

Below is Part 1 of 2 mini-reports on my recent visit to Oregon State Hospital, the oldest remaining State building in Oregon and one of the few remaining Kirkbrides west of the Mississippi.   [Part 1 of 2]   In May 2016 I visited Oregon State Hospital, in Salem, OR, and met new friends and